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ANGEL CORPSE - The Inexorable (12" Gatefold LP)

United States | Death/Black
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LP reprint, 250x black, 250x marble, 12" (180g) in a black poly-lined innerbag, gatefold, full-color - black flood inside on 350g with UV partial lacquer, all assembled in a PVC overbag.

In the realm of blackened death metal, Angelcorpse continues to shape the genre with their explosive style, a potent blend of Morbid Angel and war metal. Following the intense release of "Exterminate," they unleashed yet another sonic onslaught in the form of "The Inexorable," a testament to their relentless creativity and mastery of the genre. Despite bearing similarities to its predecessor, this album stands tall as another remarkable addition to their illustrious discography.

Opening with the thunderous "Stormgods Unbound," the guitar riffs draw inspiration from early Morbid Angel but possess a raw and bombastic quality reminiscent of war metal. The composition, led by "Hammer of Gods," maintains a perfect equilibrium, resulting in a sound that, while slightly less chaotic than "Exterminate," retains its power and speed. Tony Laureano's drumming, delivering mighty blastbeats, complements the maddening riffs, creating a relentless sonic assault. The bass, though not dramatically altered, provides a solid foundation for the tracks. The overall atmosphere remains intense, and while it may be marginally less provocative than its predecessor, the execution is flawless. Notable tracks like "Smoldering in Exile," "Wolflust," and "Begotten (Through Blood & Flame)" showcase the perfect amalgamation of the two distinct styles, creating an intense sonic experience.

Pete Helmkamp's vocals, characterized by shrieks and yells, remain consistent, delivering powerful performances throughout the album. In tracks like "Solar Wills," his vocals seamlessly blend with the technical and complex riffing and intense drumming. While a touch of vocal experimentation might have been welcomed, Helmkamp's demonic vocal pitch effects add an eerie dimension, fitting the spatial horror narratives of the album. The vocals, although familiar, continue to provide disturbing and intense moments.

The lyrics, with war themes taking center stage, demonstrate Angelcorpse's prowess in songwriting. In "Reaver," the verses vividly depict a war scenario, describing rivers of fire, blood, and defamation. The detailed and vivid portrayal of battle scenes enhances the impact, aligning seamlessly with the intense instrumentation and vocals. Whether exploring nihilistic perspectives on gods or narrating war stories, the lyrics are well-crafted and perfectly complement the sonic onslaught.

While "The Inexorable" may share similarities with "Exterminate," it does not diminish its value. Instead, it showcases Angelcorpse's ability to maintain an intense atmosphere while incorporating a more balanced blend of influences. With vocals that retain their crazed intensity, meticulous songwriting, and an overall sound that stands strong, this album is another testament to Angelcorpse's mastery of the blackened death metal genre. For those craving more of the "Exterminate" sound, "The Inexorable" is a must-listen, offering another exhilarating journey into the sonic realms crafted by Angelcorpse.

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