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Review On Mar 3, 2016 by T. Chapelflames of Calgary
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Title: Ruthless!
Comments: Got it in the mail this morning, the presentation of the LP is very well done, the CD comes in a nice little slipcase with what looks like a photo negative version of the LP cover, which is fucking killer. And the poster is one of the nicer ones I've seen in a very long time, only problem with the poster is that Kaos Abhorrer is spelled Koas Abhorrer in the little tribute text at the top of the poster.

The musical quality is however spot on, and I have enjoyed greatly the vinyl and I am pretty confident the CD will be awesome for in the car. Thanks HHR for another awesome release, appreciate it as always.

AMSG - Forbidden Transformation AMSG - Forbidden Transformation (12" LP w/ CD)
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