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AGATUS - Dawn Of Martyrdom
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AGATUS (Zemial) - Dawn Of Martyrdom (12" Gatefold LP on Beer/Gold Swirl Vinyl w/ Grimace Purple & Hot Pink Splatters)

Greece | Black
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
YEAR : 1996
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Now shipping! 2nd pressing. Layout is the exact same as the first pressing. All copies on beer/gold swirl vinyl w/ grimace purple & hot pink splatters.

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present a long-overdue reissue of AGATUS' classic debut album, Dawn of Martyrdom, on vinyl LP format.

For those well versed in classic Greek black metal, AGATUS should require no introduction. While the "Big Three" of Rotting Christ, Varathron, and Necromantia understandably get the most attention for pioneering the ancient Hellenic sound at the dawn of the '90s, there existed other contemporaneous cults who just-as-powerfully expanded and elucidated this ever-enduring idiom.

AGATUS in particular, steeped in the epic expanses of '80s heavy metal, helped define early Greek black metal. Their first two demos, respectively released in 1993 and '94, no doubt slotted exceptionally well into that idiom, but it was the band's long-brewing debut album, Dawn of Martyrdom, which poignantly captured the sound and spirit of ancient Hellenic black metal.

Originally released in 1996 on the short-lived Hypervorea label – who also released pivotal debut LPs by the likes of Legion of Doom, Order of the Ebon Hand, and Zemial, which likewise included both brothers of AGATUS - Dawn of Martyrdom brimmed with fantastical heavy metal magick. Granted, its canvas was large the black metal of the times, particularly the Greek variant - hypnotic palm-muted riffing, distinctly hummable linear progressions, tasteful (and well-timed) integration of synths, a mystical atmosphere coating it all - but AGATUS' flair for drama exploded with a sense of purpose and power across all 50 minutes of this engrossing experience. And while their two albums thereafter - 2002's The Weaving Fates and 2016’s The Eternalist, the latter released by HELLS HEADBANGERS - saw the duo moving closer into pure heavy metal and even prog territories, Dawn of Matyrdom offers an effervescent snapshot of simpler days, of glorious times and mystery & mysticism.

Out of print on vinyl for nearly a decade now, longtime fans HELLS HEADBANGERS are honored to present a definitive LP reissue of AGATUS' Dawn of Martyrdom for generations new and old.

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