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ACUTOR - Dios Ha Muerto
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ACUTOR - Dios Ha Muerto (CD)

Colombia | Thrash/Black
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This is a record from a band that sadly couldn't follow in the metal scene. I say sadly because of the high quality of this album, specificly for its production, that is very clear for the place and time of its recording. Apart from its production, this album is good because of its intensity, the music fits perfectly with the lyrics as moves between melancholic riffs and fast angry beats, all of this compained by painful thrash vocals in the vein of Kreator or even Sodom. This record has even a very cold atmosphere that transmits feelings of anger, loneliness, despair, hatred and... coldness.

The riffs are dynamic and fast, are pure angry thrash, the drums are just perfect, are simple but still intrincated and not boring or repetitive, the drummer's skills with no doubt are in the level of the greatest thrash bands of all the world, the bass compains the drums creating a very solid and aggressive rythm basis. Now, go with the vocals... they are the cause for me to not giving a perfect review to this record, the vocals are not ugly, exaggerated or amateurish; just are some moments that they don't fit well with the music, and the best example is "el gran anhelo" (the great longing) that talks about to long for the burial of christianity and that stuff, and is a very slow, emotive (the music) and aggressive (the lyrics) track just almost ruined basicly by the vocals, that are not the best for that kind of song.

I want to do an special mention for the Sodom's cover of "remember the fallen", that cover kicks ass, is just as great as the original version from the greatest german thrash band Sodom, and shows a very much better vocal performance than the whole record, it shows for me that the singer really has a very great potential, that actually probably is being wasted. Finally, I really recommend a lot this record because for me shows the best thrash metal record ever produced in Colombia in all the vein of old school german thrash metal, with aggression and melancholy talking about anti-christianity and suicide, or even nietzschean philosophy... it has all the greatest things of metal music in just one releases, and one of the best covers that I ever heard in thrash metal music."

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