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ABSU - Absu (12" LP)

United States | Death (early), Black/Thrash
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After eight years without any new recordings (ignoring the _Mythological Occult Metal 1991 _ 2001? DCD rarity-compilation) the selftitled comeback "Absu" from early 2009 _ to be followed by ?Abzu_ in 2011 and the yet to be released "Apzu" - immediately saw those Texan hellhounds rise again to the top echelons of the American Black Metal movement. Drummer, voice of the cult and magickal lyricist'sir Proscriptor Mc Govern - funny enough once sacked in the end of Slayers auditioning-marathon for a new drummer since he was too occult for the old Thrash heroes - remained the only personal constant.
He already kept the band on their ever progressive course during it's first incarnation. The keyboardladden debut _Barathrum: V.I.T.R.I.O.L.? (1993) and the dramatic _The Sun Of Tiphareth? (1995) allowed deep insights in Summerian mythology. The following trilogy starting with the varied _The Third Storm Of Cythraul? (1997), followed by the Speed Metal-driven mini-album _In The Eyes Of Ioldanach? (1998) and the epic two acter _Tara? (2001), exploring Procriptors Scott'sh roots, established ABSUs Mythological Occult'speed Metal.
Afterwards Proscirptor concentrated on his Ambient'solo-project and kept drumming for the mighty Melechesh until 2005, serving as a sort of co-mentor of Ashmedis Mesopotamian Metal dealers.
But the return of ABSU seemed to be inevitable. With the shortlived addition of the multi-instrumentalist'string plus keyboard section Zawicizuz and Aethyris the drum-wizzard injected fresh blood. These two new forces composed major parts of _Absu?, which also features works from in_between albums bandmember Vastator and the old guitarist/vocalist'shaftiel.
The variety of these 53:47 minut's is impressive. _Absu? ranges from Speed_n Thrash-based aggression to bombastic late 90s Black Metal-references, atmospheric Mercyful Fate-worshipping, until then unknown travels into the territory of heavily psychedelic 60s and 70s Prog Rock - even integrating a mellotron plus hammond organ - and finally Ambient. An armada of guestmusicians includes the likes of Nornagest from Enthroned doing backing vocals, Zemials Vorskaath on various instruments, guitar solos by Blasphemer (ex-Mayhem) and programmings of former ABSU-force Equitant in the instrumental outro. Bloodbrother and soulmate Ashmedi added some lyrical magick.
The original release of this masterpiece on CD by Candlelight was followed by a long sold out limited LP-version by Back On Black with two different vinyl colours. Doing the music and the magnificent artwork by Kris Verwimp once more justice is the aim of this High Roller re-release in a stable 425 gramme housing, hosting a thick cardboard insert.

Bj_rn Thorsten Jaschinski

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