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CURSED MOON - Rite Of Darkness (12" LP w/ 7" EP)

United States | Deathwave
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OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS: First 111 copies on white vinyl mostly sold through HHR mailorder. Comes with a lyrics insert.

HELLS HEADBANGERS is proud to present CURSED MOON's highly anticipated debut album Rite of Darkness. A one-man entity hailing from the greater Los Angeles area, CURSED MOON is one of the most exciting newcomers the label has come across. Branding itself "deathwave," CURSED MOON uniquely combines classic goth-rock from the '80s with early black metal sounds, weaving a witchy atmosphere whilst being grounded firmly in the grit of evil heavy metal. It's a sound that's immediately memorable and positively addicting - and not to mention one that will appeal to a wide variety of metalheads, punks, and other assorted freaks. Comprising 10 track over 54 minutes, CURSED MOON's debut album is a non-stop collection of anthem after anthem, each one darker and more cobwebbed than the last, altogether making for one of the most unique sounds in today's extreme music landscape. Never once lingering too long on one path, Rite of Darkness is total DEATHWAVE perfection, and even includes suitably deathwaved covers of Oz, The Sisters of Mercy, and Skinny Puppy. Behold the Rite of Darkness and witness the rise of deathwave!

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