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BLASPHEMY - Desecration Of Sao Paulo: Live In Brazilian Ritual Third Attack (12" LP)

Canada | Black
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Only 500 copies pressed on RED vinyl, the jacket is in MINT condition. However the black vinyl jackets all have mild corner dings that [looks like this] but are only $15.00 each!!

Comes with a double-sided printed inner sheet, a poster, a flyer and a ticket of the "Brazilian Ritual - Third Attack" event of Nov. 2013.

After 15 years of the last album released by the eternal Gods of War, BLASPHEMY is back with the new oficial live album recorded in 2013. Brazilian Ritual Records & Ross Bay Cult are able to present you this masterpiece of desecration on CD format.

"BLASPHEMY at the Brazilian Ritual Third Attack was a dream come true..." (by Deathlord of Abominations and War Apocalypse)

"BLASPHEMY at the Brazilian Ritual Third Attack was something I've thought about for many years...and it couldn't be better..." (by Nocturnal Grave Desecrator and Black Winds)

BR III was one of the most evil show ever happened in South America and MUST BE IMMORTALIZED!!!! Darkness Prevails ... ALWAYS ...

Lets keep the black flames alive ...

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