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MARDUK - Fuck Me Jesus (12" MLP)

Sweden | Black
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Limited edition black vinyl with silkscreen on side B. Small quantities of red vinyl and white vinyl also in stock.

High quality Osmose vinyl reissue of the infamous demo that helped put'swedish black metal on the map over twenty years ago. Nastier and uglier than even most death metal at the time, 'Fuck Me Jesus' firmly established MARDUK's brand of unholiness with a vengeance. With its raspy scathing vocals, drums like thundering death and a guitar sound that vomits blackness, 'Fuck Me Jesus' possesses a sound that has rarely been rivaled since. Not only is this a must-have for all MARDUK fans, but true maniacs of the underground black/death scene should revisit this classic. LET JESUS FUCK YOU!

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