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HELLS HEADBANGERS (usa) and IMPIETY announce a signing for a new EP and full length album for 2016.
The band has just returned from a 8 date Asian Tour and now ready to Ravage & Conquer yet another European tour this late November with Enthroned and Forgotten Tomb. IMPIETY has worked with Osmose Productions, Agonia Records, most recently had their 8th crushing album 'Ravage & Conquer" with Pulverised Records.
"I've long admired the works of HHR, they have always put out killer albums from dedicated bands and it came by much surprise recently that they have shown great enthusiasm and concern to work with us." says Shyaithan, frontbeast of IMPIETY. "We definitely look forward to an Infernal 2013 with HHR."

After their November EU tour, IMPIETY will seal the writing phase and record a new 4 song MCD titled "The Impious Crusade" set for release August 2013 by HHR with their glorious 9th album to follow later in the year. This upcoming release and new alliance forged in blood with HHR, is definitely one worth watching out for!

Photo credit: Dok Soulisak (IMPIETY in Vientiane, Laos 2012)
IMPIETY - 18 Atomic Years IMPIETY - 18 Atomic Years - Sataniversary (12" Gatefold DOUBLE LP)
Singapore | Death/Black/Thrash
IMPIETY - Funeralight... (MCD) IMPIETY - Funeralight... (MCD)
Singapore | Death/Black/Thrash
$9.50 - $11.50
IMPIETY - Vengeance Hell Immemorial IMPIETY - Vengeance Hell Immemorial (12" Gatefold LP w/ Poster)
Singapore | Death/Black/Thrash
$8.88 - $15.55
IMPIETY - The Impious Crusade IMPIETY - The Impious Crusade (12" Gatefold MLP)
Singapore | Death/Black/Thrash
$6.66 - $8.88
IMPIETY - The Impious Crusade IMPIETY - The Impious Crusade (DIGIPAK CD)
Singapore | Death/Black/Thrash
IMPIETY - Asateerul Awaleen IMPIETY - Asateerul Awaleen (DIGIPAK CD)
Singapore | Death/Black/Thrash
IMPIETY - Formidonis Nex Cultus IMPIETY - Formidonis Nex Cultus (SLIPCASE CD)
Singapore | Death/Black/Thrash
IMPIETY - Kaos Kommand 696 IMPIETY - Kaos Kommand 696 (CD)
Singapore | Death/Black/Thrash
IMPIETY - Skullfucking Armageddon IMPIETY - Skullfucking Armageddon [Agonia Recs] (DIGIPAK CD)
Singapore | Death/Black/Thrash

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