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ANAAL NATHRAKH - Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here
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ANAAL NATHRAKH - Hell Is Empty And All The Devils Are Here (CD)

United Kingdom | Black/Grind
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LABEL : Season Of Mist
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"This albums rages like none of the earlier Anaal Nathrakh releases. One could think that The Codex Necro and/or Domine Non Es Dignus are more brutal than this release, which was also my first impression, but that's actually incorrect. Yes, the guitars and the vocals sound less raw on Hell is Empty, but aggression and violence are not always created by effects and production. AN has found a way to channel their brutality in a more effective way, making their music both more intense and more interesting to listen to. Imagine The Codex Necro as an unbound, wild river with no limitations. If one starts damming it and forces the water through a smaller area at a certain point, the water will flow faster, become more powerful, more intense but more streamlined and coordinated as well. This would be Hell is Empty.

Since their earliest releases, they have shifted from an extreme black metal sound to an interesting mix of many genres. Black and death metal are clearly present, but they also have successfully incorporated grindcore and punk elements into the mix (among others) without losing their very own, unique touch.

The riffs are unbelievably relentless, intense and hellish but at the same time, they're also very melodic. The effect is overwhelming and cannot be described. The differences between the riffs are enormous sometimes, and, despite the great variety of incorporated genres, this album is still extremely consistent. It all falls into place. I could go on a while about all kinds of riffs and various atmospheres but it would be a waste of words. You should hear this yourself.

This talented guitarist also knows how to use a drum kit. The blastbeats are among the fastest found in the metal scene, and the same goes for the double bass work. The fast parts are varied with all kinds of other beats. These are not particularly fast or very up-tempo but never slow. Great job.

All in all, this album is their best effort so far in my opinion, and one of the best metal efforts in general. I wouldn't be surprised if this is regarded as a classic in 20 years. It is advised to remove valuable or breakable objects from your room when listening to this, you might spontaneously jump up and start moshing with your furniture. Anaal Nathrakh truly emptied hell, all those devils are right next to them and they make sure we know it."

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