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NYOGTHAEBLISZ - Apex Satanist (12" LP)

United States | Black
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SKU:  02LP972065367
LABEL : Iron Bonehead
YEAR : 2016
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Detailed Description
The inner sanctum of the O:.S:.I:. offers this totalitarian manifesto of predatory spirituality and survivalist ideology to all diabolist insurgents world-wide as both a testament to the superiority of Daemonic Will and as a para-physical doctrine for Adversarial Metamorphosis and Acausal Ascendency. By embedding specific weaponized sonic sigils and utilizing pan-psychic manipulation, this militant transmission serves as a conduit for channelling the Revolutionary Spirit of the Great Beast in Man; its negative oscillations amplify and emanate a deathly edict intended to subconsciously implant/germinate the lawless dominance of the incarnated Satanic Hyperconsciousness. Heed and accept its declaration, for it shall serve as a mighty shield to he who unmasks and unshackles the dormant bloodthirsty shadow-self, as a gleaming cutlass to he who embraces his bestial nature and savage instinctual might, and as a fiery crown to he who ruthlessly spills the blood of enemies and stands upon their vanquished corpses as Lord of Earth and All Creation within the Demiurge's hylic prison. To he who conquers the mundane, more material conquests shall be gifted; unto him that cruelly rapes,pillages, and slaughters, more sacrifical victims shall be bestowed until the rotten mountains of ravaged bodies reach the heavens and the APEX SATANIST infiltrates the stars and spreads macro-cosmicidal terror across the universe. This is a release featuring a collection of previously unreleased demo(n)s spanning from post " Progenitors of Mankind's Annihilation" era to the post "Terroristic Onslaught of Humanicidal Chaos" Goatpenis split campaign. Collaborative cover artwork by War Korps & X.S., Apex Satanist artwork & sigils by X.S., and layout atrocities by Martial Opium.

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